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Gratitude diary 21/3/19

Greatful for clear signs I do live in the future as others learn what I learned 5 years ago

Gratitude diary 20/3/19

Greatful for having the day off work and catching up with a friend by pure chance in a coffee shop

Gratitude diary 19/3/19

Greatful for to have finished the IKEA furnature and enjoy the fruits of the labour

Gratitude diary 17/3/19

Greatful for my partners joy taking my oversized IKEA furnature in the car with the roof down in the pouring rain

Gratitude diary 16/3/19

Greatful for my friends cooking fresh noodles and us drifting back into the chatter even after a year

Gratitude diary 15/3/19

Greatful to bring together friends for a large second degree dinner in the elegent settings of Mackie Mayor

Gratitude diary 13/3/19

Greatful for good games of volleyball regardless of 5 a-side teams

Gratitude diary 12/3/19

Greatful for a day off, time to chill and get overlooked things done

Gratitude diary 11/3/19

Greatful to be able to start sorting out and unclutter my life

Gratitude diary 10/3/19

Greatful to get a lift in a car rather than take the motorbike in the snowfall

Gratitude diary 9/3/19

Greatful to be able to celebrate our first anniversary by playing out our first date again

Gratitude diary 8/3/19

Greatful for being reconised for what I genuinely just do for women on International Womens Day

Gratitude diary 7/3/19

Greatful I work in a field with some fantastic and smart people

Gratitude diary 6/3/19

Greatful I could spend time with my partner helping her create magic for Mosi's Late

Gratitude diary 5/3/19

Greatful I could offer advice and mentoring to a couple of women at work

Gratitude diary 4/3/19

Greatful I could play my part in bringing joy to my partners and the new car

Gratitude diary 3/3/19

Greatful I can share a birthday dinner with my partners friends

Gratitude diary 2/3/19

Greatful I can share cocktails with friends and my partner

Gratitude diary 1/3/19

Grateful to spend the day with my partner, cheering her up and enjoying a michelin star resturant together

Gratitude diary 27/2/19

Greatful I can bring together some amazing acquaintances for the benefit of all