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Gratitude diary 18/2/2020

Grateful for the catch up with friends in London

Gratitude diary 17/2/2020

Grateful for the time of potential collaborators and fruitful conversations

Gratitude diary 15/2/2020

Grateful to aid where needed

Gratitude diary 14/2/2020

Grateful for a lovely home cooked meal with my partner on valentines day

Gratitude diary 13/2/2020

Grateful to find a good domain for a meetup group

Gratitude diary 11/2/2020

Grateful to find a interesting costume for the masquerade ball

Gratitude diary 10/2/2020

Grateful for people who are willing to join me on the journey into the unknown

Gratitude diary 7/2/2020

Grateful for sport rehabilltation

Gratitude diary 6/2/2020

Grateful for time with new friends

Gratitude diary 5/2/2020

Grateful my holding of legacy products was useful today

Gratitude diary 4/2/2020

Grateful to finally sort out my music collection, well almost...

Gratitude diary 3/2/2020

Grateful for a day off sorting out stuff and more DIY

Gratitude diary 2/2/2020

Grateful my partner got a new car after the bad luck recently

Gratitude diary 1/2/2020

Grateful for some downtime

Gratitude diary 30/1/2020

Grateful for a good discounted tasting meal with new and old friends

Gratitude diary 29/1/2020

Grateful for dataportability and finally starting to get my head around json

Gratitude diary 28/1/2020

Grateful to be able to do my bit, in helping the communities I'm part of, run smoothly

Gratitude diary 27/1/2020

Grateful for a day of rest to myself

Gratitude diary 25/1/2020

Grateful for dinner with friends and a bit of firejamming afterwards

Gratitude diary 26/1/2020

Grateful for my partner helping with some tricky DIY