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Gratitude diary 1/1/2020

Grateful for a great turn out at the new years party, just like ones from previous years

Gratitude diary 31/12/19

Grateful to work together with my partner towards a new years eve party

Gratitude diary 30/12/19

Grateful for time to think

Gratitude diary 29/12/19

Grateful for time to get some tasks done

Gratitude diary 28/12/19

Grateful for the xmas holiday I had with my partner and her family

Gratitude diary 27/12/19

Grateful for time talking about slightly deeper more important subjects with new friends

Gratitude diary 26/12/19

Grateful for time to spend time with my partner watching Starwars and chilling on Boxing day

Gratitude diary 25/12/19

Grateful for Christmas with my family and partner

Gratitude diary 24/12/19

Grateful for time to kick back and relax before the xmas holiday

Gratitude diary 23/12/19

Grateful for my god children and their parents putting up with my need to fit everything in

Gratitude diary 22/12/19

Grateful for my partner and her on-point driving skills

Gratitude diary 21/12/19

Grateful for my ever so understanding partner

Gratitude diary 16/12/19

Grateful for the help of friends and days where a lot is done

Gratitude diary 15/12/19

Grateful to try and work things out when hit with a hard problem

Gratitude diary 12/12/19

Grateful to potentially collaborate on things I have bootstrapped for years

Gratitude diary 11/12/19

Grateful for time with my partner in London

Gratitude diary 10/12/19

Grateful to spend xmas with collagues

Gratitude diary 8/12/19

Grateful for 9+ hours of sleep and the help of my neighbours

Gratitude diary 07/12/19

Grateful for time with my partner

Gratitude diary 06/12/19

Grateful to see the lightwave festival