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Gratitude diary 20/1/2020

Grateful for my friend and partner transporting large IKEA furnature home

Gratitude diary 19/1/2020

Grateful I could be there for my partner when needed

Gratitude diary 18/1/2020

Grateful my sprained knee is getting better quite quickly and I could experiment with mastodon, matrix and other dweb apps

Gratitude diary 17/1/2020

Grateful for down time with my partner after seeing the crowds queuing to see her art in the Manchester open exhibition

Gratitude diary 16/1/2020

Grateful for the help and support from my parner with my sprained knee

Public Service Internet monthly newsletter (Jan 2020)

Good day, happy new year and looking forward to a new decade with you all!

We live in incredible times with such possibilities that is clear. Although its easily dismissed by looking at the next US election or at the endless denial about explainable algorithms.

To quote Buckminster Fuller "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

You are seeing aspects of this happening with Finland’s new prime minister, Sanna Marin at the age of 34, focusing on climate change -

The threat of quantum computing explained
Ian thinks: This is a serious challenger for so much of the encrypted systems we rely on daily.

Why do people listen to Greta?
Ian thinks: Makes a really strong point about creativity. It something I also worry we forget as it doesn't conveniently fit our tired metrics.

A critical look at economical value
Ian thinks: Mariana makes some great points about different types of value.

Anarchy, Federation, IndieWeb the Fedverse
Ian thinks: Defining yourself in opposition to something else, doesn't give you enough conceptual space is why I always quoting Buckminster Fuller

EFF's deep dive into public key encryption
Ian thinks: Its one of those things which is banded about but few people when asked can explain it as well as the EFF

Webxray gives an insight behind the webpage
Ian thinks: The Webxray ( tool which runs on Linux & Mac is quite impressive to use. Gives a real insight into whats going on in the web when it comes tracking and the advertisement ecosystem

Decentralisation isn't just about the internet
Ian thinks: The importance of decentralised networks applies to more than just the internet

Jason Silva interviews Kevin Kelly
Ian thinks: Technology, drugs, spiritualism its all in there and its quite a interview too.

Real People, Doing Real Things segment on teamhuman
Ian thinks: The new segment is welcomed on teamhuman and botsentinel is a good project to start with

Jack Dorsey funding a decentralised twitter
Ian thinks: When I first heard this I almost fell off my chair, then thought this is classic innovators dilemma or twitter seeing the writing on the wall?

Ian Forrester
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Gratitude diary 15/1/2020

Grateful for time to mess around with docker and some server software

Gratitude diary 14/1/2020

Grateful for friends helping me eat left over party food tonight

Gratitude diary 13/1/2020

Grateful for time to sort out my flat

Gratitude diary 12/1/2020

Grateful for sports, dinner and comedy with my partner and friends all in one day

Gratitude diary 11/1/2020

Grateful for dinner with new and good friends

Gratitude diary 10/1/2020

Grateful to be a mentor

Gratitude diary 9/1/2020

Grateful to start explaining afrofuturism to friends and find a interview I did a while ago

Gratitude diary 8/1/2020

Grateful to meet more of my partners friends

Gratitude diary 7/1/2020

Grateful the weather isn't too cold yet

Gratitude diary 6/1/2020

Grateful to have colleagues who see the same potential as I do

Gratitude diary 5/1/2020

Grateful to have steak dinner with good friends in one of my favorite restaurants

Gratitude diary 4/1/2020

Grateful to relax with my partner watching films

Gratitude diary 3/1/2020

Grateful to experience a tea ceremony in Manchester

Gratitude diary 2/1/2020

Grateful for my partner helping with the clean up