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Gratitude diary 23/4/19

Greatful for work conversations which may end up somewhere familiar and positive

Gratitude diary 22/4/19

Greatful for the amazing mainly young people of the Extinction Rebellion standing up against the established forces

Gratitude diary 21/4/19

Greatful to have time with my parents and partner on the beaches of the north west

Gratitude diary 19/4/19

Greatful to have my parents and partner around the table for afternoon tea

Gratitude diary 18/4/19

Greatful to be a lot more clued up about the law around dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners

Gratitude diary 17/4/19

Greatful to have the courage to publiclly apologise when I have done wrong

Gratitude diary 16/4/19

Greatful to randomly share wine and chocolates with my neighbours, while debating feminism.

Gratitude diary 15/4/19

Greatful to hear the voice of my partner

Gratitude diary 14/4/19

Greatful for my partner who is understanding and patient

Gratitude diary 13/4/19

Greatful to have some great friends on my journey through life

Gratitude diary 10/4/2019

Greatful for the love and friendships I have around me

Gratitude diary 9/4/2019

Greatful to see my colleagues in the south finally in a decent modern building

Gratitude diary 8/4/19

Greatful to have inspired many people over the course of the day

Gratitude diary 7/4/19

Greatful to have down time in Bristol with my partner after a great birthday party

Gratitude diary 5/4/19

Greatful to have a partner willing to make my birthday the best it can be

Gratitude diary 4/4/19

Greatful to get a birthday card from a friend with a little gift

Gratitude diary 3/4/19

Greatful to be able to help people around me with my knowledge and experience

Gratitude diary 2/4/19

Greatful for exquisite tasting chocolates

Gratitude diary 1/4/19

Greatful for the mortgage and the nightmare of homebuy is finished?

Gratitude diary 31/3/19

Greatful for a partner which encourages me to push my limits and likewise