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Gratitude diary 22/7/19

Greatful to finally be home and enriched following a number of events and talks

Gratitude diary 21/7/19

Greatful for the generosity of my friends and partner.

Gratitude diary 20/7/19

Greatful to have done our last Manchester International Festival event and made it to the Moon festival in London to see Margaret Atwood, etc.

Gratitude diary 19/7/19

Greatful to have a day of rest in the middle of a busy period

Gratitude diary 18/7/19

Greatful to get home and unpack briefly before the weekend

Gratitude diary 17/7/19

Greatful to catch a old friend for dinner in Bristol tonight

Gratitude diary 16/7/19

Greatful to be in my home city for a short while

Gratitude diary 15/7/19

Greatful to enjoy a adhoc BBQ with a neighbour

Gratitude diary 14/7/19

Greatful to spend breakfast with my partner, a friend and his partner which I don't think I've seen for 2 years.

Gratitude diary 13/7/19

Greatful to have seen the f*** it button at the Manchester fringe festival with my partner

Gratitude diary 12/7/19

Greatful to have seen the Manchester International Festival's Re:creating Europe from the 2nd row of the Lowry Theatre.

Gratitude diary 11/7/19

Greatful to have experienced Atmospheric Memory at the Manchester International Festival this evening with my partner

Gratitude diary 10/7/19

Greatful to have won a carving competition due to my creative thinking

Gratitude diary 8/7/19

Greatful my pacemaker device (DJ device) is still running over 10 years later

Gratitude diary 7/7/19

Greatful to have brunch with friends and new friends before another manchester international festival event

Gratitude diary 6/7/19

Greatful to experience new ideas around democracy at Manchester International Festival this morning

Gratitude diary 5/7/19

Greatful to experience the Manchester International Festival event Invisible Cities

Gratitude diary 4/7/19

Greatful to spend time with my partner catching up on each others time over the last week or so

Gratitude diary 3/7/19

Greatful to know my friend Julius Amedume won a bunch of awards for his new film in America

Gratitude diary 2/7/19

Greatful to be working with universities outside the London sphere