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Public Service Internet monthly newsletter (Nov 2019)

Good day to you all!

We live in incredible times with such possibilities that is clear. Although its easily dismissed by looking down at our feet or at the endless attempts to regain our trust from the big corps.

To quote Buckminster Fuller "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

You are seeing aspects of this happening with hard work going into building an open hardware ebook reader - https://hackaday.com/2019/10/31/building-an-open-hardware-ebook-reader/

A framework for human values
Ian thinks: This work is so essential for all public service, non-profits and government organisations. Starting to chip away at what value means beyond the attention economy.

Yancey co-founder of kickstarter talks about a new framework called bentosim
Ian thinks: Yancey talks a good game about going beyond financial maximization and society changes but I'm not convinced about bentoism.

Another attempt at the decentralized file-storage system
Ian thinks: Its another attempt, good idea combining projects but wondering about the applications of use?

China's free market system grab on other economies
Ian thinks: Maybe Jamies conspiracy is a little heavy but a good thoughtful podcast

Introducing the Dweb
Ian thinks: good introduction by ex Mozillan written a few years ago but parts later are up to date

Panel about sex-tech from Techcrunch (NSFW)
Ian thinks: Sex tech grows its own infrastructure to over come the adolescent thoughts of the tech industry

He used the tech and wasn't used by the tech
Ian thinks: Vinnie and Douglas talk about the importance of the human element in music and everything.

Why you shouldn't go to Harvard
Ian thinks: Got to love Malcolm Gladwell's analysis of the university system, although maybe not quite right. He's funny and rolls the research into a great story.

The secret ecosystem of personal data is being unfolded
Ian thinks: People are having fun with this right now, wonder how many people will actually request their data? I put my request in a few days ago, will you?

Ian Forrester
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Gratitude diary 07/11/19

Grateful for signal messenger to communicate safely and securely

Gratitude diary 06/11/19

Grateful for sticking with my original presentation and bringing the house down tonight

Gratitude diary 05/11/19

Grateful for time to breath while projects are delayed slightly

Gratitude diary 04/11/19

Grateful for headphones which work to my specification

Gratitude diary 03/11/19

Grateful for fun time with my partner and friends, even if I'm rubbish at darts

Gratitude diary 02/11/19

Grateful to spend time with my partner talking about the school of life

Gratitude diary 1/11/19

Grateful for lui-days off

Gratitude diary 31/10/19

Grateful to be able to be there when it really matters

Gratitude diary 30/10/19

Grateful I can be of some comfort

Gratitude diary 29/10/19

Grateful to finally get my laptop back even if it means reinstalling everything

Gratitude diary 26/10/19

Grateful for time with colleagues

Gratitude diary 25/10/19

Grateful to spend time with my partner in London

Gratitude diary 24/10/19

Grateful to experienced some education with my partner

Gratitude diary 20/10/19

Grateful for a smooth send off

Gratitude diary 18/10/19

Grateful for headphones which actually connect to 2 devices but are a quarter of the price

Gratitude diary 19/10/19

Grateful to have a lovely dinner with my partner

Gratitude diary 16/10/19

Grateful for the stories of colleagues

Gratitude diary 15/10/19

Grateful for spa time with my partner and to offer comfort at key moments today

Gratitude diary 14/10/19

Grateful for remote access to work systems, so I can focus get things done